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Humanidade Pavilion 2012

Humanidade Pavilion was a temporary building made for the international meeting rio +20.

We propose a scaffold building, translucent, exposed to all weather condi- tions:Light, heat, rain, sounds of waves and wind, reminding man of his frailty when compared to nature.The structure is composed of 5 structural walls meas- uring 170m in length and 20 meters high, with 5,40meters in between them, creating a suspended walkway over Rio’s landscape, interrupted when neces- sary by spaces meant for re ection and thought.

The exhibitions rooms act as bracing of the whole structure, stiffening the struc- ture as a whole. Scaffold is the only material that we know of that can support such a weight, and through which rain and wind can pass through.One of the main goals in architecture concerning sustainability is to build with what you have in hand. The materials we used are sustainable, meaning that everything is 100% reusable.

The project was composed by materials previously used, the scaffold leaves its usual place, as support structure, to become a building all by itself.The material has been and will become other projects in the future.During my rst visit to the site, Bia Lessa and I found a scaffold base that was to be used on the event that was taking place then. These bases are usually covered up by white plastic tents. So, it was then that we realized the full potential and the opportunity of using this material.



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