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Varanda House

House Varanda was made in 2007/8. It was built within the city of Rio, on that continuous border between the nature and city.

The centenary trees, were the only pre-existence of the site. The place is so beautiful, that I had a desire to live it untouch it. Or design a house with less presence.

Finnaly, the house divided the eld into two lengths, and the less presence I was looking for had to be very incisive. The skylight (24m x .60 m) is an opening that accentuates that division. That implementation was the beginning of the project.

The vision goes beyond the house. The parallel solid and white walls doesn ́t interrupt the vision.
The living room is in the center, the rooms alongside. The center of the house can be an open terrace. Brazilian housing usually has a terrace as the most im- portante place. In this case it is already one.

The roof eaves are 1.5 m beyond the glass and allows to open the windows when it is raining, very important in our clima.

What brings intimacy to that glasshouse is the immersion in nature. The parallel white walls are a support for the light,
That passes calmly during the day.

The geography of the region, below the mountain and subject to ooding, were the reasons for the suspension of the oor at 80cm.
The structure of steel was built in 15 days. The cover is of zinc-aluminum tiles, sandwich, was placed in one day.




Author: Carla Juaçaba

Treinee: Nina Lucena, Joana Ramalhete

Structure :D´angeli

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